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ImageSo mother nature has been really giving with snow this year. We haven’t had a “good” snow at all since Aspen has been around. I have to say, she is absolutely loving it! I was kind of dreading the in and out in and out that I thought sledding would bring, but seriously, there’s been none of that. She’s been outside using the sled for hours on end and when she’s been done, she’s done! We took G out into the snow and I can’t really say he was impressed as I had anticipated. Maybe it had to do with the fact he was packed tighter into that snow suit than a processed hotdog. I don’t know!

Am I the only one in Kentucky who has noticed all of our snow days have arrived on a Thursday, Friday, or Monday to start? This has made for some awesome long weekends. Dare I really say that.. when I have close friends scrambling t find trustworthy babysitters since their job’s don’t cancel for frost on the windshield!? Ehhhrmm.. Heck. I’ll still say it. Awesome!

The black bibs Aspen has been using for the snow were bought last year for $5 with the anticipation of a ski trip over holiday break (that didn’t happen due to ticket prices never being fair). But any who, they’ve turned out to be a fabulous $5 spend!

Hopefully the snow will soon clear up and everyone will be back to their normal routines. When I read facebook stat’s about how annoyed so many parents are by having their kids home, I really get it – they might have poorly worded their frustrations – But I get it. Everyone’s out of the routine, the kids are stuck in, they miss their friends, they’re going off the wall, some parents are missing work, struggling to find sitters if they aren’t missing work and after about 4 days everyone is just ready to get back to the usual grind… Hang in there, Moms!!!




Today a friend posted a question on Facebook about training pants and it took me back to my potty training experiences with Payton and Aspen.
Let me tell ya.. I came a lonnng way between the two. I remember when Payton turned two I thought that was the magic number to be “potty-trained”. So on his first day back to preschool post 2nd birthday I put him in training pants and ended up with a pee soaked carseat before we made it to the preschool. As if that wasnt a big enough sign I continued my ignorance and really inconvenienced myself for weeks until I finally decided we would just go back to diapering.
Aspen’s potty training was much different. I wasn’t in so much of a hurry for her to just grow up and move to the next milestone (I think the more kids we have the more we can clearly see just how quickly their time being little really is). We waited, didn’t rush whatsoever.
A little after her 30 month birth anniversary we presented her with the potty and she adapted very quickly. It was surprisingly easy and I attribute it to her being 100% ready.
My best tip to any of my friends (or 10 very loved readers) taking a trip on the potty train it’s to throw out everything you think should happen and let your little one set the time frame. You’ll be much less frustrated.

My punctuality was turned upside down when Greyson made his debut into my life. I guess I should have seen this coming since his not so timely arrival resulted in me having to cancel on 2 brides that I was meeting with 8 & 32 hours later.
During busy months at work I could have to leave the house 7 times a day for around 30 minutes to 2 hours at a time. Hiring formal help with the kids hasn’t ever been practical for us because my job is very inconsistent and truly I want to be with them as much as I can.
Even outside of work being on time with young kids can be work. So many unpredictable things pop up; Dirty diapers, wardrobe malfunctions,  an unexpected nap…. and if you have a baby or kid that doesn’t sleep well you really want to carpe diem on that moment.
So any way.. these ideas aren’t limited to the self employed person who takes their kids to work, these are methods I use in everything that involves rolling outta the house.

1. Plan to leave 30 minutes prior to when you actually have to leave- This is the most sanity saving method I have been adapting to. Unfortunately I cant always do this because if a client calls and wants an appointment in 20 minutes, that means 30 minutes earlier doesn’t exist. I do use this idea any time I can though. Birthday parties, appointments or any other types of trips that can be planned out ahead.

2. Tell Your Kids The Plan- If there’s one thing I can tell you about Aspen and Payton it’s that a meltdown is more likely to happen if they don’t know what were about to do. Saying “Go to the car” and not much else never wins with them. So I always try to inform them of the plan when I can.

3. Pack A Family Bag- These days I always have a family bag packed for us. Snacks, clothes, wallet, baby wearing necessities,  cups.. whatever any of us need. It’s usually in there. I like to keep it in my car because it’s one less thing I have to worry about when I leave.

4. Don’t Go- Remember that you don’t always have to go. Sometimes it’s better to just stay home. I understand life wont always involve working around the needs of our dependents and one day we will be able to do anything on the fly but right now just isn’t it. So sometimes. . I just decline.

Being in San Diego has been a really awesome experience so far and I can’t wait to put all of my experiences into words for lots of reasons (sharing with you coming in at #1).

But before I dive into all of the amazing things that we have experienced in our time spent here, so far, I want to touch on something super crappy that we experienced on our flight here.

Here it goes…

Boarding the plane outside of Louisville was so exciting. This is something our family has been looking forward to for several months. For most people flying is just a hassle, but for our family this was an EVENT that we couldn’t wait to take part in together. I spent lots of time looking into what to bring on the flight for the kids to occupy them on our flight. I managed to get enough of everything and overall our kids were very satisfied for the duration of the flight. I even had enough snacks to offer part of my stash to the Mama with the 14 month old in front of me who had run out. But to those of you who don’t have kids, to those  of you who have kids and just don’t understand other kids, to those of you who just really dislike kids and to those of you who hate kids…. I have to tell you some things. As parents, bringing our kids out amongst the people, it really gives so many of us lots of anxiety because of things like this.

As I found my seat on the plane I overheard the lady next to me talking casually with the people in front of her about how she was so ready for this flight to start and then I heard something that absolutely made my stomach turn.  This woman stated “I don’t have kids; actually I hate kids. I don’t like them at all”.  I was shocked at her comments because I was sitting right there beside her with my adorable little kidlets (who were being angels) as well as 3 other families with toddlers. I brushed the comment off and continued to get my family settled in. For most of the flight, with the exception of the noisy, unsteady take off my kids did fabulous. Aspen was enjoying her sticker book and Gman was nuzzled up to his milk maid for most of the time until he fell to sleep. But… for the baby in front of us, it was another story.  She was a lap child (like Gman) and being held in one spot for 3.5 hours was not what she had in mind. Her mom, who looked very young to me, exhibited a level of patience I highly doubt I had at her age and tried her best. Unfortunately baby girl was not satisfied and continued to cry out. It was a mix between happy squeals, anxiety filled grunts, and then a very testy scream.

I couldn’t help but notice “Baby Hater” from the corner of my eye. She couldn’t see “Little Mama” and “Baby Girl” who were sitting in front of me so I guess she thought she would vent her frustrations with harassing hand gestures (i.e throwing her hands up in the air, smacking her magazine down on her table, jamming her window shade closed) as well as staring at me as she talked to her husband about what kind of pieces of shit people would ever bring their kids on a plane to scream. Not to forget all of the eye rolling and bug eyes. Do you get the picture? This went on for 3.5 hours. Even when baby girl would giggle she seemed perturbed. It was so uncomfortable and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. I wanted to crawl under the seat with my kids and hide, but unfortunately that space was already taken up by my bags.

Eventually (about 1.5 hours into the flight)  husband took Gman from my lap and let him finish his slumber in his arms. This allowed me the chance to dig into my insane bag of snacks and pull some things out for Little Mama upfront to give Baby Girl. For a while it slowed her crying and what I believed to be anxiety fueled squealing down to a minimum. Little Mama, another lady sitting beside Little Mama, and myself took turns holding and entertaining baby girl and eventually we made it through the flight and got off without Baby Hater having to get out of her seat and serve any of us with an ass whipping.

Whewww I was glad to make it out of there… and to have seen what I thought would be the last of the 40 something tantrum throwing, baby hating, diva.  Or so I thought!

I got off the plane with my family and retrieved our stroller, which had been broken by someone tending to the strollers on the flight. I was freaking out because I knew we were going to be sitting in this airport for over two hours and I didn’t know how we we were going to contain our 13 month old bundle of love. For the first two hours we managed. He crawled around a little, looked through our bags, unzipped things, zipped things back up and bla bla bla (insert other cute thing my baby does on the usual). Then the last 30 minutes.. Just in time for Baby Hater to show back up directly across from me in the line to board the plane again. Gman lost his shit. I mean for real. LOST HIS SHIT.  He was screaming, it was so hot, he was fighting sleep, he was bored… and most importantly, he was 13 months old.

I was freaking out because I knew this lady standing across from me had a major issue with crying babies and honestly I can imagine how it must be for someone who doesn’t have kids to have to sit and listen to a miniature being scream. Annoying! I know! It annoyed me too. But what could I do? I was doing my best. I was holding him, rocking him, setting him down to crawl, nursing him, giving him snacks. Nothing was soothing to him, he just needed to sleep.

For the first 12 minutes or so I was trying to sooth G with Baby Hater in mind then I saw her throw her hands in the air as her husband was telling her to calm down as he was smiling at me. Thennnn… I realized she was ranting about ME and GMAN to her husband and all the people around her (who were pretending not to hear her). THEN she dropped a few choice words that sent my blood pressure to an all time high for this flight and they were “THAT FUCKING BABY” and then she looked directly at me, made eye contact, made really freaky bug eyes and mouthed “I don’t care” to me as I was picking my jaw up from the floor.

After that I had to make a decision. Was I going to let husband hold “THAT FUCKING BABY” while I drag Baby Hater out to the runway and tie her down in hopes of plane running over her as it landed or was I going to serve her up a big piece of humble pie?

I went the humble pie route. I minded my business, I kept tending to Gman, but then my mouth started moving involuntarily. I’m pretty sure I probably stuttered as I reached into my bag to find the ear plugs I had bought the night before as I saw Baby Hater coming closer to assume her spot in the line (which was now not across from me but in front of me) and then I said “Excuse me, Ma Ma’am. I know my baby is really a bother and has made this experience really terrible for you so I bought these ear plugs and if you’d like a pair I’d love for you to have them” She acted like she couldn’t hear me but I knew she could hear me because I said it LOUD so I said “Ma’am?” in very inquisitive tone and she responds with “All the babies are bothering me! I hate ALL babies!” I looked around and my husband was shaking his head not in disapproval but just shaking his head because that’s what he does when he’s nervous I guess, the lady beside him says ‘Good job. I’m glad you said that” another lady walks up from across the way where Baby Hater had been standing initially and says ‘Don’t worry about her, she’s just a bitch!” and then the old man in front of me went on to talk about how he had six kids and he knew how it was so I shouldn’t feel bad.

We were finally boarding the plane I saw Baby Hater was taking a seat in the front so I told Aspen to go to the very back and find a seat. We got comfortable and the plane took off and landed as my baby slept without a hiccup.

So… to those of you who don’t have kids, to those  of you who have kids and just don’t understand other people’s kids  because yours never misbehaved, cried or laughed too much, to those of you who just really dislike kids and to those of you who hate kids. Understand this. I, just like you, am just trying to get from point A TO B. My kids are little but they still deserve the opportunity to see the world, so we will be on those planes.  We don’t want them to cry or laugh obnoxiously any more than you do (although seeing them laughing does melt my heart). I’m doing my best with my kids being my #1 and concern and you (the people) coming in at #1.5 and my own comfort dead last. I won’t apologize for my baby being a baby, easily startled, scared by things he can’t understand like loud noises on a plane or turbulence. I promise to always pack enough snacks some for my baby and some for the babies around me if their Mama’s ran out, an extra five to buy you a shot of whiskey and a pair of ear plugs to dull the shrieking sounds of my baby and the patience to to always be humble when you decide to abuse me with looks, words and hand gestures. 


(After we finally made it)

Where’s the first place you go when planning a party or redecorating your house?

For me, it’s Pinterest! I go to Pinterest for everything… How to get wine out of my couch? Thanks, Pinterest! How to make my own laundry detergent? Pinterest! How to make my house smell like Grandma’s on laundry day (a legit look up)? Pinterest! What kind of party sides for my kids birthday party? Pinterest!

You get the point, I’m sure.

But why? I mean, Pinterest absolutely makes me feel like a failure! Besides the laundry detergent – which I ended up dumping out because it left white flakes on my clothes I can’t think of much else I’ve even actually done aside from the printable worksheets I use with Aspen for school.

Pinterest intimidates me. On Facebook I often see pictures of adorable porch settings, ruffly bathroom shower curtains, kids clothes, party favors and of course the endless food porn! All with the hashtag *thanks pintrest. I mean for real, GAG ME! If I pinned real things that I’ve got going on someone would probably pin me to a “Failing Moms on Pinterest” site similar to “People of Walmart” – PS: whoever created that is a complete asshole.

Is Pinterest just another way for Moms to compete.  A way to pretend we all have it going on? Another place to only put our best pretend face on? In my opinion, yes!

So as for me… I’m going to lay off the Pinterest inspiration. Because, all I seem to get over here is discouragement.

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Summer is over and new exciting things are happening with the Delaney’s. Aspen and I have started kindergarten here at home and ohhh boy .. we are going to be busy! Do you know how much information there is out there to shuffle through on homeschooling? A bunch! And so much of it is great… and I wanted to use it all. Obviously I wont be able to do that though.

We have spent the last couple of weeks kind of researching our definite plans and assessing where Aspen is at. In case I haven’t mentioned this before, we have a really smart kiddo on our hands!

Overall we’ve decided to take the more traditional approach and supplement with some of the Kumon resources and ABCMouse. I did purchase an additional BrainQuest K workbook and it’s great! We decided against purchasing a prepackaged curriculum because there are so many great resources out there that we could just design our own.

I’m sure I’ll be in overhaul over the next few weeks taking pictures of my little lady embarking on her educational journey.  So.. Be on the lookout :D.

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