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So a couple of months ago I posted about how we were planting our (first) garden and I just wanted to follow up and let you all know (is anyone really even out there?) we did gain some viddes from our harvest (before the insurmountable amount of weeks took it over, but lets just be positive here- we were having lawn mower issues for most of the summer).


So with that being said I just wanted to post the few things I was able to learn about gardening this year.

1. Plant your corn in a straight row.

2. After we tilled up the first part of our garden we realized that if we space out the rows and left enough grass between them it might make it easier to walk along and pick without being eaten alive by chiggers & mosquito’s, since we could mow between the rows but then the mower went to whichever place mowers go to when they die.

3, Radishes, Cucumbers and Summer Squash can and will survive anything including neglect. Such forgiving vegetables!

4. Spinach is not so forgiving.

Were really looking forward to next year and have lots of plans for how we will “map out” our next garden. We hope to do both a Spring and late Summer harvest. Now if only our pumpkins would grow!


Aspen pushing Greyson out to the garden plot.

I am so excited to finally be able to say WE HAVE A GARDEN IN THE GROUND! We have had the intentions of sowing some seeds for quite some time but unfortunately every time the opportunity presented itself something else more demanding got in the way that needed to be done. But come on! Better late than never, right?

Vincent went to retrieve the tiller from his parents pretty late in the evening on Tuesday and when he got back the kidlets and I stood and watched like we were waiting for Santa to deliver presents. It was totally adorable to see the excitement in Aspen waiting to get the go ahead to plant her seeds.  She was very independent after being shown how to properly get her seeds in into the ground =D.

So what did we plant?


Broccoli, Turnips, Radishes, Sweet Corn, Squash, Peppers, Pumpkins, Spinach, Cucumbers and Carrots.

I chose to go with things that have a > 90 days to harvest. I wish we could have done more but I feel like this will be plenty enough for us to keep up with this late in the year with other projects we still hope to accomplish in our ol’ house. I’m thinking I may add a couple more rows of squash because it has proven to be so freezer friendly.

If you’re looking for tips, ideas or inspiration on growing your own garden head on over to Modern Homesteading. Victoria knows how to make it happen and I frequent her site often and plan to reference it in my future homesteading endeavors.

Daddy showing Aspen the ropes.

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