Do you exchange a Christmas gift (s) with your husband or wife? In this relationship the answer would be no we don’t. 


You see, the truth is husband and I literally already have everything we want and need that fits into our financial plan. Not to mention if I actually did make a big purchase it would probably drive husband crazy wondering whether or not I went through the appropriate cash back portals, used the correct credit card that would return the most airline points with the specific store and last but not least he would undoubtedly be hoping I bought it on SALE (because we only make purchases when they are on sale, with a coupon , and through either shop discover or another appropriate shopping portal) and I feel like that would just be too much craziness.

Usually we make a purchase together that we unwrap in front of the kids so they feel like were all apart of the magic in the same way they are. It’s always something practical and useful (last year it was a new printer).

I probably sound like grinch for admitting this but I don’t think either of us feel any disappointment with the way we’ve decided to handle our gift exchange.

Until next time… Ho! Ho! Ho!