Scandal – Wow Olivia Pope & Associates consistently has me wanting more! HONESTLY this is hands down my favorite show on television right now. I can’t say more because I know I have a family reading this right now and they’re probably 2 seasons behind me. 

Sons of Anarchy- not my absolute favorite but I have had dreams of husband and I joining the M.C – can’t wait to see if Tara lost it this past week or not. 

Parenthood- Not much to say here besides I’m still with it.


Etim Blanc 2011- dry/white. In my opinion it’s an everything wine. Good for all occasions. Not an economy wine but it won’t break the bank either.  In my opinion it was smooth but husband gagged.  I must have a more elegant taste. 


So three weeks or so I was at T.J Maxx and while in the check out lane I impulsively grabbed a candle by Village Candles called Campfire Tales and it is absolutely the most fantastic. Think s’ mores and warmth in a candle and thats this candle.
It’s awesome but the bad news is it doesn’t officially hit the shelves until 2014.

The end.