“I wrote this review as a part of a Blog Friendly PR outreach campaign for CARD.com, I was compensated for me time but all opinions are my own.”

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the services of Card.com. To be honest mainly I decided to try them out with the intent of doing the envelope system with a twist. I actually REALLY thought the services offered by Card.com were very practical and for many very useful! Why would I want to use a card from card.com instead of my regular debit card from the bank? Well for me it was simple. The money in the bank is like a train station. It arrives there from husband and I working and then we shift it into other accounts. I.E savings, vacation, car, home, insurance and of course…. PAYING BILLS! Mentally I have an aversion to removing money from that account. I like to have it in it’s own individual place. Not to forget,  the “Where’s Waldo” design I was able to choose was just really fun :D. In my opinion the services offered by Card.com would be very beneficial to anyone who likes to do the envelope system but would rather not have to carry cash, college students who are being sent money from home, anyone traveling or even just as your every day banking account.

Overall I found the services and benefits of CARD.com to be beneficial. I don’t plan to continue using them exclusively at this point but may consider it later.

I chose the Where’s Waldo design for my card! Check out the awesome options and let me know which you choose!

Here are few more perks about CARD.com

  • This is a debit card, like the one from your bank, and you can use it EVERYWHERE Visa is accepted — except it’s way cooler and cuter than your boring bank card.
  • Free to order, activate and load.
  • Free app and check deposits from your smartphone.
  • Free direct deposit.
  • Free card-to-card transfers, any time, anywhere, in seconds.
  • No overdraft fees — never goes negative!
  • Safer than cash – 24/7 support, Visa fraud protection and 100% FDIC insurance on funds.
  • No debt, financially responsible, no interest/credit/APRs.
  • No credit check and approval in seconds.
  • 22,000 in-network ATMs.2013-11-04 19.07.44