So I got an email with a question from someone who has read this blog. This was exciting to me because I can’t believe people are actually reading this! But any way, here’s the Q.

What do I really need to start cloth diapering?


That’s a good one! I have friends who have invested hundreds, maybe thousands into their cloth dipe stash’s only to find themselves disappointed by over half of their purchases. :/ – What a bummer that must be! So what do you really need? If you are like me and want the easiest cloth diapering experience you can possibly have I suggest the following.

  • A washer [this is the most important because it’s how are you going to get the shit out of these things]
  • A dryer or a clothes line [I do use both. Sometimes I dry in the dryer on low, sometimes I put them out on the line]
  • DIAPER LINERS! [Just skip the diaper sprayer and shoot for the disposable diaper liners – you can go outside, shake the liner into the trash and be done, the less baby poop my hands come in contact with THE BETTER]
  • A place to put the dirties. [I’m pretty sure my most favorite UPS delivery man despises me since I have my really smelly diaper pail sitting outside the door. I just use a small trash can and TBH I don’t even have a lid on it. I wash every night so it really isn’t as terrible as your thinking]

Which diapers?

I’ve tried several different types of diapers. I haven’t had to spend much because I have been on the receiving end of several friends who were purging “these don’t work for us” dipes. I’ve tried fitteds, hybrids, prefolds, pockets and AIO’s. My  tried and most reliable are the AIO’s and pockets. Most of my stash consist of FuzziBunz and BumGenius I really have no complaints about either brand. I do have several off brand’s as well and I think they’re alright too!

So to summarize all that, I want to say keep it simple! Don’t over complicate it because that always results in over spending. Cloth diapering is supposed to save you money anyway. As far as washing our diapers I use the same things I use on the rest of my laundry and that doesn’t involve any particular brand loyalty.