Where’s the first place you go when planning a party or redecorating your house?

For me, it’s Pinterest! I go to Pinterest for everything… How to get wine out of my couch? Thanks, Pinterest! How to make my own laundry detergent? Pinterest! How to make my house smell like Grandma’s on laundry day (a legit look up)? Pinterest! What kind of party sides for my kids birthday party? Pinterest!

You get the point, I’m sure.

But why? I mean, Pinterest absolutely makes me feel like a failure! Besides the laundry detergent – which I ended up dumping out because it left white flakes on my clothes I can’t think of much else I’ve even actually done aside from the printable worksheets I use with Aspen for school.

Pinterest intimidates me. On Facebook I often see pictures of adorable porch settings, ruffly bathroom shower curtains, kids clothes, party favors and of course the endless food porn! All with the hashtag *thanks pintrest. I mean for real, GAG ME! If I pinned real things that I’ve got going on someone would probably pin me to a “Failing Moms on Pinterest” site similar to “People of Walmart” – PS: whoever created that is a complete asshole.

Is Pinterest just another way for Moms to compete.  A way to pretend we all have it going on? Another place to only put our best pretend face on? In my opinion, yes!

So as for me… I’m going to lay off the Pinterest inspiration. Because, all I seem to get over here is discouragement.