I have this adorable way of misunderstanding lyrics to songs and singing them very confidently (unbeknownst to me that I have the entire song slaughtered). Seriously, I have several.

1. Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado – During the chorus I sang “Mister Whiskas” for a solid 2 months before my husband noticed what I was saying. I guess with that being said I can now confirm he doesn’t listen to much of what I say .

2. Cyclone by Baby Bash – Heck maybe a year. An entire freaking year.. I sang it up like this “She moves her body like a psyyyycho, make ya wanna do it all night long”.. you get the picture. 😦

3. As for the most recent death to lyrics Lady Gaga takes the prize. *Clears throat*
” I do it for the CLAWS, THE CLAWS, THE CLAWS” until I finally asked husband
“She does what for the CLAWS!?” – I’m sure you all know what happened next.

I wasn’t so sure about this song until tonight after seeing my husband dance around to it for days (making me laugh) I guess I like it.