So when I got into cloth diapering everything I read suggested using Rockin’ Green as my detergent so I did, what else was a new cloth diapering momma who has just spent her weight in gold on a glorious cloth diaper stash to use? I tried several different things from Rockin’ Green; Hard Rock, Funk Rock, BareNaked Babies and Smashing Watermelon. I found it to be expensive but all the moms on the forums I had been reading said anything besides RG would pretty much melt my diapers.  I continued to run into the same couple of problems… My diapers A. Kind of got a smelly funk and B. Didn’t seem cleaner than anything else I used to wash everything else I had. I gave Rockin’ Green so many shots but it just didn’t impress me much. It might be sinful to admit what I’m currently using on my dipes  but they seem cleaner now than they ever did with RG and I’m spending much less cheddar which makes husband (aka Daddy loves his dollars) very happy.

So I’ll leave it here at… Rockin’ Green just might not be worth all that cheddar :/