how-to-draw-an-aeroplane_07Sooooo…. Guess what? Were going on vacation next month! How exciting, right? Yes, it is! Do you feel my excitement yet?

Enough, Already!

So here’s the point.. We will be arriving in San Diego on October 5th and were looking for things to do! I know one day we will be hitting up Disneyland to partake in the Disney Halloween Bash. I don’t think Aspen has missed the opportunity to share that with a person yet. Other than that we really don’t have much else planned. The opportunities seem endless since this is a place we’ve never been.  I was hoping a shout out on the blog might help us get some ideas. Anyone out there been to the SanD area? What should we do? We are homeschoolers so I’d like to cease this as an opportunity to present my kidlet with some educational experiences.

And if you’ll be traveling in the near future you might want to head on over to my handsome husband’s little spot on the interwebs to find out how we managed to fly for free!