I seem to constantly find myself overwhelmed at all I need to accomplish as a wife and mother. I would say 80% of my time during the week is spent being a stay at home wife/mom and the other 20% (sometimes less and more depending on the week) outside of our home in the evenings working at our small business. This year I took on the mission of homeschooling our kindergartener and I look forward to sharing some more about my experiences in homeschooling so far over at My Baby Bird’s.

It seems like I’m constantly running late for an appointment at work, adding more things to my “to do” list than I manage to check off here at home and always racing against the day. The rush I always feel like I’m in sometimes makes it hard to stop and enjoy the moment… you know .. live in the moment. Instead of just going through the motions.

I wish “taking it easy” came naturally to me and no I don’t mean I wish I could lay on my couch more :D. I mean I wish sitting back and enjoying the good times came easier rather than sitting back and worrying about all of the things I should be doing instead,  you know?