We sold the house! It’s been several weeks since our closing date but SHE SOLD!  Cleaning the house and always being on stand-by for a potential showing was somewhat exhausting. But we made it! How did we do it? Well you can find that out here on my DH’s blog.

In my last post I was weighing out whether or not it was completely necessary to clear out every last bit of your family’s existence in your home when you try to sell. I found out, YES! It really helped. Majorly! I felt one hundred times more confident when I showed the house than I would have with so much “stuff” in it. Why? Well… I felt like when the potential buyer made it in to look at the house they were able to see just that “the house” not my kid’s toys, not my vast collection of unused exercise DVD’s laying across our entertainment buffet, not my awesome collection of cloth diapers. Just the house!

I’m not sure my buyer would have walked away from the house had I actually had these things laying out, but I certainly felt confident about the house when they came in to see it. =D