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Aspen pushing Greyson out to the garden plot.

I am so excited to finally be able to say WE HAVE A GARDEN IN THE GROUND! We have had the intentions of sowing some seeds for quite some time but unfortunately every time the opportunity presented itself something else more demanding got in the way that needed to be done. But come on! Better late than never, right?

Vincent went to retrieve the tiller from his parents pretty late in the evening on Tuesday and when he got back the kidlets and I stood and watched like we were waiting for Santa to deliver presents. It was totally adorable to see the excitement in Aspen waiting to get the go ahead to plant her seeds.  She was very independent after being shown how to properly get her seeds in into the ground =D.

So what did we plant?


Broccoli, Turnips, Radishes, Sweet Corn, Squash, Peppers, Pumpkins, Spinach, Cucumbers and Carrots.

I chose to go with things that have a > 90 days to harvest. I wish we could have done more but I feel like this will be plenty enough for us to keep up with this late in the year with other projects we still hope to accomplish in our ol’ house. I’m thinking I may add a couple more rows of squash because it has proven to be so freezer friendly.

If you’re looking for tips, ideas or inspiration on growing your own garden head on over to Modern Homesteading. Victoria knows how to make it happen and I frequent her site often and plan to reference it in my future homesteading endeavors.

Daddy showing Aspen the ropes.




I remember the first time I walked into what is now one of my absolute favorite places to shop. I was taken back just a little but I knew my boyfriend (who is now my husband) was probably watching my reaction very closely and I didn’t want to turn my nose up too much or else things may not have gotten much further (ha, ha.. just kidding! errm kind of). I believe we stopped in because he needed to get laundry detergent and just so happened to be driving near this diamond in the rough. It was called B and E Salvage Store. When we walked in it looked to me like a giant mess! It had a terrible layout and I’d never seen tampons beside frozen pretzels in any other store. We walked around and finally got to the laundry detergent (which was probably somewhere near toothpaste and under cat food. <- ha, ha) and they just so happened to have my favorite (at that time) laundry detergent! It was Tide Simple Pleasures in the Lavender & Vanilla scent. I looked at the price tag and it was only HALF the price of what it was sold for in Target (my other absolute favorite store). I couldn’t believe it. Was it watered down? No! Was it half empty? No! Well what was wrong with it… absolutely nothing. I was so excited and pretty much from that moment on I was sold on this “salvage yard”.

That has been many years ago and I have continued to shop at B and E Salvage (located just off Preston Highway in Louisville). I’ve scored SO many deals there I couldn’t even begin to name them all. Shopping at a salvage grocery store has opened me up to trying so many different foods and products because the price has allowed for it! Most things are at least half-off what they are in regular stores and sometimes even more. It’s so exciting to go in and dig around and see what they might have. You couldn’t possibly ever predict what they might have in stock.

What’s the catch?

Well here it is.. the downside to shopping at a salvage grocery store.

Sometimes you might have to sacrifice a pretty can because many will have dents. Sometimes you might pick up a delicious box of crackers and see it expired a couple of weeks ago or it will expire in just a couple of days and you doubt your family will have time to eat them all. But all of that’s okay! Because you can put back the dented can (if you really must) and dig just a little more and you might find a perfect can of exactly the same thing and as far as the crackers.. Well you can pass on those too and just move on to the other crackers that aren’t expired (or eat them expired, whatever).

The only other frustrating matter I find at B and E is the poor organization. However I understand it would be very hard for them to have a completely organized layout considering they never know from week to week what they will have in stock.

Some of the BEST deals I have landed at B and E Salvage:

  • Boxes of 272 Huggies Diapers for only $30 (this was before I got all crazy about cloth diapers and that was a reallllly huge discount on dipes IMO)
  • Boxes of 800 Huggies Baby Wipes for only $5.99
  • 4 packs of Atkins shakes for $2 (really, those things are SO expensive in the stores a 4 pack is something like $6)
  • Bottles of Gatorade & Propel for just $0.25
  • Neutrogena & Aveeno sunscreen that is usually $11 in stores for only $3
  • Peeled, Pitted and individually packaged avocados
  • Very expensive body washes, hair products, facial creams and serums for only $2-3

The list of awesome things to be found in B and E could really go on and on. If you are a deal seeking person I highly recommend finding a salvage grocery store in your area and hitting it up a couple of times a month (or more).

As some of you may already know we sold our house and there has been much talk on my Facebook page about all the work and changes we have made in the house. While I can’t wait to share every single detail I wanted to intrigue you (or scare you) with a before picture of our kitchen. It was quite the situation as you can see. Black cabinets, wallpaper, the whole shaBANG..with soooo much BANG. I have a picture of the kitchen at our old house here.

Wow! I am SO glad that’s over. Image

We sold the house! It’s been several weeks since our closing date but SHE SOLD!  Cleaning the house and always being on stand-by for a potential showing was somewhat exhausting. But we made it! How did we do it? Well you can find that out here on my DH’s blog.

In my last post I was weighing out whether or not it was completely necessary to clear out every last bit of your family’s existence in your home when you try to sell. I found out, YES! It really helped. Majorly! I felt one hundred times more confident when I showed the house than I would have with so much “stuff” in it. Why? Well… I felt like when the potential buyer made it in to look at the house they were able to see just that “the house” not my kid’s toys, not my vast collection of unused exercise DVD’s laying across our entertainment buffet, not my awesome collection of cloth diapers. Just the house!

I’m not sure my buyer would have walked away from the house had I actually had these things laying out, but I certainly felt confident about the house when they came in to see it. =D



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