So 14 days ago we decided to take the leap and plant a “FOR SALE BY OWNER” sign in our front lawn. Immediately I started diving into how I was going to make our home look its very best. I thought after getting all of our paint colors back to neutral I had knocked the biggest task off of our to-do list but boy… I THINK I WAS WRONG.

All of the articles/blogs I keep reading suggest that the best way to make your home more “sell-able” is to clear anything and everything out and leave no evidence of anyone living there.  So far I have pecked away at the clutter, minimized as much as I can… Yet I still feel like our house shows evidence of human life!

Is it really necessary to clear everything out of a home when selling it? I guess I will have the answer to that question sooner or later.

Have you sold a home recently? If so, how far did you go in clearing out?