When I became pregnant with #3 this past year I was determined to give everything I have always thought I wanted to try (but had always been talked out of) a shot. Cloth diapering found it’s way to the top of my list. #3 was born and for the first few weeks I went ahead and went with sposies (throw away diapers or paper diapers as #2 calls them). I just assumed everyone had to be correct. That cloth diapers were going to make up a misery I’d never even imagined. Well, fast forward a few weeks and there I was at the check out icon on Ebay buying my first cloth diapers from “who knows who” in China. I had read all of the reviews on Chinese cloth diapers, lots of negative really but at this point I was at the crossroads of not diving into cloth due to not being able to afford a start up stash name brand diapers I knew very little about or buying these could be low quality 7 diapers for $24. Turns out those diapers were not so awesome. However they did give me the experience I needed to become hooked on cloth! Since then I have tried a few other brands of CD and I absolutely can’t wait to share them with you!