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Five Pounds of Chicken.


dipes1dipes2Since September I have been feverishly reading all about how to wash my cloth diapers. There is so much information out there (information overload). It became so hard to decide what would be best for the diapers, my baby and my sanity! I think I have finally settled into a routine I’m comfortable with. However I am still undecided on which detergent I find to best. But we can save that for another post đŸ™‚

I am currently operating with a front loading Whirlpool Duet Sport (HE) and this is how I am handling the diaper flow.

  • 1. I set the machine on the “Rinse/Spin” cycle on cold. Then I opt for “Extra Rinse” – Doing this gets all of the ICK out and sets me up for a simple wash.
  • 2. The next cycle I choose is “Whitest Whites”. This cycle offers two things I love #1 HOT WASH #2 AN EXTRA RINSE.
  • 3. After this cycle is complete I use my trusty shower rod (too cold here in KY. to dry outdoors) and pants hangers and hang them to dry.
  • Simple does it!

When I became pregnant with #3 this past year I was determined to give everything I have always thought I wanted to try (but had always been talked out of) a shot. Cloth diapering found it’s way to the top of my list. #3 was born and for the first few weeks I went ahead and went with sposies (throw away diapers or paper diapers as #2 calls them). I just assumed everyone had to be correct. That cloth diapers were going to make up a misery I’d never even imagined. Well, fast forward a few weeks and there I was at the check out icon on Ebay buying my first cloth diapers from “who knows who” in China. I had read all of the reviews on Chinese cloth diapers, lots of negative really but at this point I was at the crossroads of not diving into cloth due to not being able to afford a start up stash name brand diapers I knew very little about or buying these could be low quality 7 diapers for $24. Turns out those diapers were not so awesome. However they did give me the experience I needed to become hooked on cloth! Since then I have tried a few other brands of CD and I absolutely can’t wait to share them with you!

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